Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeling a Bit Bookish Lately...

So between the real world drama and the art world drama I've been busier than I have been in a long time! I'm working on new ideas and products for the shop, as well as a book, or two...or three! Yes! You heard me right! I will most definitely be self-publishing...because I'm impatient...but I also plan to shop them around to publishers. I do live in New York...maybe I know someone who knows someone who knows someone...

...but all work and no fun does not a happy Kimmy make! I took time to go see the new Potter flick at Union Square with two great friends.

We knew it was major, but there were massive lines to get into each individual theater...and this line was for people who already had tickets, just so they could get the best seats! I always thought I was a serious sci-fi/ action/ fantasy geek. Apparently not. I've got some dorking up to do!

P.S. The movie was flawless...but you already knew that!

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