Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back On Track!

Oh my, oh my! How long it's been! I went into the city to retrieve my baby from the doc and she's feeling nice! While she was away, I got an iPod Touch and attended my first gallery opening for my first show in Long Island City! Whew! In-between all this I've been working really really hard on building product for the artist fair I will be in this month...my first! by the way.

The show, entitled "Zeitgeist 2009", is now up at Art-O-Mat Gallery in Long Island City. Here are some pics from the show:

There were so many people at the show, but I guess in all the mayhem, I didn't take out my camera as much as I thought I had. I will have to search my digi cam for more pics...

...and if you look at the pics from the last post you can compare them to the pic of the finished painting above. Like I mentioned in the other post, it kind of happens as it happens and I'm really happy about how it happened! HA!

...aaaand besides everything else, I'm back in the gym. Uy. More soon!


  1. Congrats on your show, I think your work is beautiful and charming. So happy to have found your blog. :)

  2. Gordon ~ Ditto the congrats on your show. Dream big!