Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh Boy..Oh Boy...

So, as I'm getting ready for my first fair...and a group show in Long Island City, the screen on my computer develops a rather intrusive white bar running right down the middle! *pfft!* I just got the screen fixed a few months ago. I'm off to the Mac Store on 5th Avenue today to have a "Genius" tell me what the dilly is. Hopefully it's a free fix...but either way I probably won't have my comp for a whole week! What shall I do! I have quite a few Moleskines to list...and cute lil' magnets too! *pfft* I guess it'll all have to wait till I get the comp back. Between the fair and the show, I've been completely swamped.

...but here's a sneak peak of the rather large piece for the gallery show.

It's coming along pretty well, but I rarely this is a totally organic experience. The pieces create themselves. They pretty much tell me what they're going to be. I just wield the brush!

I will be sure to post updates to all of the happenings coming up in the next few weeks! Hopefully I can get online before Saturday!

Enjoy your Holidays and the week to come!

P.S. Pray for my Macbook.

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