Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clouds on a cloudy day...

Well, my Photo Ez just came in Friday afternoon, but it was very cloudy and rainy in New York today, so I guess my experiments will hate to wait. :( the meantime I started working to package my little lovelies from my last post and managed to print some of these, inspired by this rainy day:

Ah...I love Moleskines! So convenient and pocket sized. The illustration is in reference to the optimism we all must keep in our hearts right now...and I must admit that I've kept one for myself. I couldn't help it! They're up at the shop right now...and lookin' good. Happy Saturday!


  1. these are awesome! I love your work! thanks for joining my site!

  2. These are really cute, I'll be sure to have a browse around your shop. I love craftiness - in the artistic sense of course! Thanks for sharing these pics.

  3. Thank you so much guys! There's more to come!

  4. these are lovely! what did you print them with, gocco? x