Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Night Crafties

So yeah. I have the Tuesday night "Crafties". I assume you could get the crafties any night of the week, but today was a particularly beautiful day in New York...and the neighborhood was full of color. It inspired me to get started on the little ones...

I swear. These have been on my mind for months! I'm so happy to finally have them started. They will be all be tidied up and ready to go for the fair on Sunday, AND added to my Etsy shop. I have more magnets, cards, moleskines, journals and prints in the works too...but that's for another post!

I can't believe I'm not tired...it must have been the iced coffee...and the crafties...


  1. I love it when i get the "crafites" too! It's like becoming one mega crafting machine.